💪 New functionality:

  1. A New Following Manager module has been added. Pick a source portfolio and as many follower portfolios as you want. Specify the mode of order or position copying, as well as the factor.

  1. Meet global drawing objects. Add and manage drawing objects simultaneously on all charts with the same tools in one click. To make a drawing object global, use the context menu.

📈 Platform:

  1. MBO data basic support has been added.

  2. RSS news system has been fixed.

  3. The connector window has been updated.

  4. Horizontal Ray move has been fixed.

  5. Drawing objects clone and snapshot loading has been fixed.

  6. BigTrades. Tooltip values formatting has been fixed.

  7. HLine. The approximation alert bug has been fixed.

  8. Current price color-saving has been fixed.

  9. Ruler. Visual fixes.

  10. OpenGL. Fixed sleep mode issues.

  11. TradingDOM. A full-screen button has been added.

  12. Replay. Missing instruments have been fixed. Missing data has been recovered. Wrong portfolio state has been fixed.

  13. Request new function dialog replaced with

🤖 API:

  1. API for indicators. Cluster settings managing has been added.

  2. New methods to change the parameters of charts.

🔗 Connectors:

  1. Big Bybit connector update. Support for Unified Trading Account. Spot trading has been added.

  2. Interactive Brokers. The processing of errors related to price limits has been fixed.

  3. GainFutures. Small fixes.

  4. Binance. Outdated methods have been updated.

  5. NinjaTrader. UseSymbolicMonthCodes settings have been added.

  6. TradingTechnology. Futures naming has been fixed.

  7. Rithmic. Update to v13.0.2.0 Fixes for connection issues.

  8. Whitebit. Bulk ticks subscription.

  9. Phemex. Connection issues have been fixed.

  10. OKX. Instruments processing update.

  11. Dozens of indicator fixes.

September 19th 2023




💪 New functionality:

A new heat map for Dom Levels and Scalping Dom (only with OpenGL Skia).

📈 Improvements and optimizations:

  1. Rithmic connector has been updated to a new version.

  2. Such indicators as Market Power, Multi-Market Power and Cumulative Delta have been renamed to CVD pro, CVD pro (multi) and Cumulative Volume Delta.

  3. We have eliminated errors and significantly improved Market Replay.

  4. Now the history playback is paused when opening the settings window of indicators/strategies in Market Replay

  5. Time Filter and Calculation settings have been removed from the Bars Volume Filter indicator.

  6. Status icons have been added to the strategy table.

  7. Now it is possible to set the colour of the line based on the direction in VWAP/TWAP and EMA indicators.

  8. Now it is possible to choose a volume mode in the VWAP indicator.

  9. The arrow display in the Swing High and Low indicator has been optimized. 

👌 Fixes:

  1. The logo on the connector settings screen has been fixed.

  2. We have fixed data duplication on hourly time frames.

  3. OpenGL Skia errors have been eliminated.

  4. Bybit. We have fixed the issue causing the platform to crash upon an unsuccessful connection to Bybit.

  5. Minor fixes to indicator settings: Delta, Cluster Statistics, Volume.

  6. We have fixed an issue where the Candle-Show value property was unintentionally disabled in indicators after updating the chart.

  7. Connection errors to DxFeed have been resolved.

  8. The issue with switching to the light theme of the platform has been fixed.

  9. We have fixed loading issues for some charts in the workspace that were causing log errors.

  10. We have fixed an exception System.DivideByZeroException: Attempted to divide by zero when cloning a working layer.

  11. We have fixed OnCalculate Еrror, which occurred when switching between scales and time frames.

  12. The display of markers in Cluster Search has been fixed.

  13. The display of letters and the “Last Trade Price” line in the Market Profile has been fixed.

  14. The display of the current value in the Delta indicator has been fixed.

August 15th 2023


August 14th 2023

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