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December 21st 2023




📈 Platform:

  1. A new implementation of the Vortice DirectX renderer has been added.

  2. We have added a new section called Tutorials, where you can find educational information.

  1. Dodji candles now display the correct color.

  2. The hotkey functionality for the volume selector has been fixed.

📂 Statistics:

  1. Support for time offset settings has been added.

🔗 Connectors:

  1. Now, it is possible to cache the list of changes received during the last minute for MBO data.

  2. dxFeed: Errors that resulted in the absence of online data after reconnecting the connector have been fixed.

📉 Indicators:

  1. Cluster Search:

- Validation errors in properties have been fixed.

- Transparent color setting for objects has been corrected.

  1. AC. The indicator has been deleted as it duplicated Bill Williams AC.

  2. Volume On The Chart. The display of minimized volume values has been corrected.

  3. Watermark. The line at the zero level is now hidden.

  4. CVD. We have fixed scaling to zero when the scale checkbox is unchecked.

✏️ Drawing Object:

  1. The capture area of objects has been reduced.

  2. Horizontal Ray. Objects will no longer disappear when the cursor goes beyond the chart boundaries.

  3. Magnifier. The object will no longer hide after releasing the hotkey.

  4. Price Сhannel. Minor fixes.

  5. Trend Line. Minor fixes.

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November 17th 2023





📈 Platform:

- New login window has been introduced.

- Strategies. We have fixed an error in stop/take order pricing.

- We have introduced the 'Use Extended Keyboard Shortcuts' feature in the Hotkeys settings. This enhancement is designed to resolve issues related to hotkey configurations on certain PC systems.

- We have resolved issues with enabling/disabling Market Replay via hotkey.

- The Maxuimum visible notifications count been set to a default value of 10.

📂 Statistics:

- We have fixed a binding error related to the security identifier.

- Inverse futures are now supported.

📊 Chart:

- Candle data is now saved with local time during export.

- Panels: Now it is possible to adjust the vertical scale for the indicator panel.

- We have fixed the application of a template when there was no data on the chart.

✏️ Drawing Objects:

- Dynamic Poc. The TextColor field can now be disabled.

- Horizontal Ray. We have fixed the initial appearance.

- Overflow issues in calculating the intersection of Price channel have been resolved.

- Minor fixes for Long/Short, Price channel and Angle objects.

- Rulers. Calculation of division count has been adjusted.

- Cvd correlation. A middle point for moving the object has been added.

▶️ Replay:

- We have deactivated the playback stop button until the playback is finished.

- A connection timeout has been added when connecting to market data clients.

- Additional checks for order parameters have been implemented during order registration and modification.

📉 TPO Indicator:

- Border drawing has been removed.

- We have fixed letter rendering in split mode.

- We have fixed the expansion of the Value Area.

🔗 Connectors:

- MBO. Data subscription issues have been resolved.

- Now, there is a check for OS support on OKX, Phemex, and WhiteBit.

- dxFeed. We have added mapping for CBOE EU server.

- We have fixed the portfolio for perpetual futures on OKX.

- Rithmic. The plugin now connects smoothly with the aggregated quotes mode.

- Binance. Smooth processing of the hedged position mode.

💬 Other:

- SmartTape: We have fixed inaccurate Open Interest (OI) delta values.

- Cluster Search:

- 'Any wick' mode has been introduced;

- Min/max value validation has been fixed.

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October 19th 2023





💪 Drawing objects major update.

1. New drawing objects: Cross Line, Measure, Anchored Market Profile, Anchored VWAP, Dynamic POC, CVD Correlation.

2. New selection mechanics.

3. Updated default colors and sizes.

4. Pasted objects will now appear with an offset.

5. Copy-paste functionality for global objects.

6. TPO indicator: You can now display the profile from right to left.

7. TrendLine: Problems with alerts have been resolved.

8. Numerous minor fixes.

🌎 Major translation update for all languages. We have added localization for indicators’ settings.

📈 Main platform updates:

1. Hotkeys no longer reset upon closing the platform.

2. Configure ValueArea step and update delay in general settings.

3. Reconnection problems when changing connector settings have been resolved.

4. The color of the current price is now saved with the template/snapshot.

5. The mechanism for rounding clusters has been corrected.

6. TIF selector has been added to the Smart DOM.

7. Trade objects on the chart are now removed when the portfolio is reset.

8. Email notifications have been removed.

9. SmartDOM: We have fixed PnL format and resolved locking issues.

10. SmartTape: Incorrect OI delta value has been fixed.

11. Chart:

- issues with minimum volume changes after switching instruments have been resolved;

- Default value for TIF has been removed;

- problems with opening DOM Trader after applying the Scalping DOM template have been fixed.

12. FollowingManager: The problem with position synchronization has been resolved.

13. DOM Trader: A volume selector has been added.

14. MarketData: Empty levels for RangeZ candles have been fixed.

15. Heatmap: Incorrect level data upon startup has been corrected.

16. DomLevels: Incorrect level data upon startup has been corrected.

🔗 Connectors:

1. Binance: Server time offset has been corrected. The NRE error upon connection has been fixed. Open PnL portfolio value has been corrected.

2. Transaq: API has been updated to 2.21.23. x86 platform is no longer supported.

3. Rithmic: API has been updated to RTrader login validation has been added.

4. Cqg: Mapping for LBR has been added.

5. Fast: FORTS scheme has been updated to 1.20.0.

6. NinjaTrader: Position handling for strategies and position objects has been improved.

7. dxFeed: The issue with best price handling without volumes has been resolved.

8. Bybit, Bitget, Whitebit, Phemex: Multiple minor bugs have been fixed.

🤖 API:

Access to the value area has been added. It is now possible to read and modify trading volume.

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September 19th 2023





💪 New functionality:

  1. A New Following Manager module has been added. Pick a source portfolio and as many follower portfolios as you want. Specify the mode of order or position copying, as well as the factor.

  1. Meet global drawing objects. Add and manage drawing objects simultaneously on all charts with the same tools in one click. To make a drawing object global, use the context menu.

📈 Platform:

  1. MBO data basic support has been added.

  2. RSS news system has been fixed.

  3. The connector window has been updated.

  4. Horizontal Ray move has been fixed.

  5. Drawing objects clone and snapshot loading has been fixed.

  6. BigTrades. Tooltip values formatting has been fixed.

  7. HLine. The approximation alert bug has been fixed.

  8. Current price color-saving has been fixed.

  9. Ruler. Visual fixes.

  10. OpenGL. Fixed sleep mode issues.

  11. TradingDOM. A full-screen button has been added.

  12. Replay. Missing instruments have been fixed. Missing data has been recovered. Wrong portfolio state has been fixed.

  13. Request new function dialog replaced with

🤖 API:

  1. API for indicators. Cluster settings managing has been added.

  2. New methods to change the parameters of charts.

🔗 Connectors:

  1. Big Bybit connector update. Support for Unified Trading Account. Spot trading has been added.

  2. Interactive Brokers. The processing of errors related to price limits has been fixed.

  3. GainFutures. Small fixes.

  4. Binance. Outdated methods have been updated.

  5. NinjaTrader. UseSymbolicMonthCodes settings have been added.

  6. TradingTechnology. Futures naming has been fixed.

  7. Rithmic. Update to v13.0.2.0 Fixes for connection issues.

  8. Whitebit. Bulk ticks subscription.

  9. Phemex. Connection issues have been fixed.

  10. OKX. Instruments processing update.

  11. Dozens of indicator fixes.

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August 15th 2023




💪 New functionality:

A new heat map for Dom Levels and Scalping Dom (only with OpenGL Skia).

📈 Improvements and optimizations:

  1. Rithmic connector has been updated to a new version.

  2. Such indicators as Market Power, Multi-Market Power and Cumulative Delta have been renamed to CVD pro, CVD pro (multi) and Cumulative Volume Delta.

  3. We have eliminated errors and significantly improved Market Replay.

  4. Now the history playback is paused when opening the settings window of indicators/strategies in Market Replay

  5. Time Filter and Calculation settings have been removed from the Bars Volume Filter indicator.

  6. Status icons have been added to the strategy table.

  7. Now it is possible to set the colour of the line based on the direction in VWAP/TWAP and EMA indicators.

  8. Now it is possible to choose a volume mode in the VWAP indicator.

  9. The arrow display in the Swing High and Low indicator has been optimized. 

👌 Fixes:

  1. The logo on the connector settings screen has been fixed.

  2. We have fixed data duplication on hourly time frames.

  3. OpenGL Skia errors have been eliminated.

  4. Bybit. We have fixed the issue causing the platform to crash upon an unsuccessful connection to Bybit.

  5. Minor fixes to indicator settings: Delta, Cluster Statistics, Volume.

  6. We have fixed an issue where the Candle-Show value property was unintentionally disabled in indicators after updating the chart.

  7. Connection errors to DxFeed have been resolved.

  8. The issue with switching to the light theme of the platform has been fixed.

  9. We have fixed loading issues for some charts in the workspace that were causing log errors.

  10. We have fixed an exception System.DivideByZeroException: Attempted to divide by zero when cloning a working layer.

  11. We have fixed OnCalculate Еrror, which occurred when switching between scales and time frames.

  12. The display of markers in Cluster Search has been fixed.

  13. The display of letters and the “Last Trade Price” line in the Market Profile has been fixed.

  14. The display of the current value in the Delta indicator has been fixed.

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August 14th 2023


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