March 21st 2024



Version Beta

πŸ“ˆ Platform:

  1. DrawingObjects:

  • The issue of the Long/Short position not functioning properly has been resolved. You can now move the center line up and down.

  • Channel. Width change has been improved;

  • Removing a trend line does not change the size of other trend lines.

  1. PriceChannel render issues have been fixed. A smooth vertical replacement has been added.

  2. MarketReplay:

  • Time synchronization has been fixed;

  • We have fixed the loading of historical data when a replay is activated.

πŸ“‰ Indicators:

  1. Backward compatibility for ClosePosition method has been fixed.

  2. Orderflow Rhythm. An option for a custom session has been added.

  3. TPO single prints label drawing has been updated.

  4. TPO and Profile. We fixed an issue that prevented merging profiles with a custom period.

  5. The last period of the Market profile width has been fixed.

  6. Rendering issues with the hidden price axis in DomTrader have been resolved.

πŸ’Ό Optimization of Trading Operations:

  1. Multiple fixes of TP/SL functionality.

  2. The exit strategy duplicates a stop order if you restart ATAS.

  3. We have added the processing of connection errors for strategies.

  4. Chart Trader. ToolTip in chart trader has been fixed.

πŸ”— Connectors:

  1. dxFeed. API has been updated to 8.8.1. The addresses of the data servers have been updated.

  2. OKX. Connection issues have been fixed.

  3. Phemex. The processing of portfolios/positions has been updated.

  4. Rithmic. The wrong trading time for EUREX securities has been fixed.

  5. Idle disconnections on Bybit have been fixed.