October 19th 2023






πŸ’ͺ Drawing objects major update.

1. New drawing objects: Cross Line, Measure, Anchored Market Profile, Anchored VWAP, Dynamic POC, CVD Correlation.

2. New selection mechanics.

3. Updated default colors and sizes.

4. Pasted objects will now appear with an offset.

5. Copy-paste functionality for global objects.

6. TPO indicator: You can now display the profile from right to left.

7. TrendLine: Problems with alerts have been resolved.

8. Numerous minor fixes.

🌎 Major translation update for all languages. We have added localization for indicators’ settings.

πŸ“ˆ Main platform updates:

1. Hotkeys no longer reset upon closing the platform.

2. Configure ValueArea step and update delay in general settings.

3. Reconnection problems when changing connector settings have been resolved.

4. The color of the current price is now saved with the template/snapshot.

5. The mechanism for rounding clusters has been corrected.

6. TIF selector has been added to the Smart DOM.

7. Trade objects on the chart are now removed when the portfolio is reset.

8. Email notifications have been removed.

9. SmartDOM: We have fixed PnL format and resolved locking issues.

10. SmartTape: Incorrect OI delta value has been fixed.

11. Chart:

- issues with minimum volume changes after switching instruments have been resolved;

- Default value for TIF has been removed;

- problems with opening DOM Trader after applying the Scalping DOM template have been fixed.

12. FollowingManager: The problem with position synchronization has been resolved.

13. DOM Trader: A volume selector has been added.

14. MarketData: Empty levels for RangeZ candles have been fixed.

15. Heatmap: Incorrect level data upon startup has been corrected.

16. DomLevels: Incorrect level data upon startup has been corrected.

πŸ”— Connectors:

1. Binance: Server time offset has been corrected. The NRE error upon connection has been fixed. Open PnL portfolio value has been corrected.

2. Transaq: API has been updated to 2.21.23. x86 platform is no longer supported.

3. Rithmic: API has been updated to RTrader login validation has been added.

4. Cqg: Mapping for LBR has been added.

5. Fast: FORTS scheme has been updated to 1.20.0.

6. NinjaTrader: Position handling for strategies and position objects has been improved.

7. dxFeed: The issue with best price handling without volumes has been resolved.

8. Bybit, Bitget, Whitebit, Phemex: Multiple minor bugs have been fixed.

πŸ€– API:

Access to the value area has been added. It is now possible to read and modify trading volume.