indicator Grouping (Show /Hide Group of multi Indicator) + Custom Naming

Organization and management of indicators on charts. This proposal aims to provide users with a more efficient way to group and categorize installed indicators, as well as the ability to customize indicator names for better clarity and concise visualization.

Current Situation:

Presently, users often find themselves installing multiple instances of the same indicator to cater to various timeframes or preferences. This practice can lead to a cluttered chart view, making it challenging to quickly access relevant information and maintain a clean workspace. The lack of grouping options further compounds this issue and the long name same name current format creates further confusion if multiple installs of market profile, vwap etc are used with long names exactly the same.

Proposed Solution:

1. Indicator Grouping: Introduce a feature that enables users to create folders or groups to organize their installed indicators. For example, if a user has multiple VWAP indicators for different timeframes, they can group them under a common folder called "VWAP." These groups can be toggled to hide or show on the chart, ensuring a clean and focused display.

2. Custom Indicator Naming: Provide users with the ability to customize the names of their installed indicators. This customization could involve adding prefixes, abbreviations, or other descriptive elements to indicator names. For instance, a user could rename a VWAP indicator for daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes as "D.VWAP," "W.VWAP," and "M.VWAP" respectively. This empowers users to quickly identify the purpose of each indicator instance.

Benefits of the Proposed Changes:

- Enhanced Chart Organization: Users can group related indicators together, reducing clutter and providing a more streamlined chart view.

- Quick Access: Indicator grouping enables users to toggle visibility of specific indicator categories, allowing them to focus on relevant information.

- Customized Indicator Names: Users can customize indicator names to convey their purpose succinctly, facilitating easier interpretation of their charts.

- Improved Workspace: With the ability to hide or show indicator groups, users can maintain a cleaner workspace without sacrificing essential information.

Application Scenarios Examples:

- Market Profile: Organize various Market Profile indicators (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly) into it's own distinct groups. (Market Profiles)

- Moving Averages: Group different Moving Averages based on timeframes or calculation methods into their own group folder

- Pivot Points: Categorize Pivot Point indicators by session or calculation method.

Users that have multiple instances installed could now rename long names into shorts named and put them in an indicators folder to show / hide that group.

And so on for multiple installations of the same indicator


This enhancement proposal aims to empower users with better control over their charts' visual clutter and the ability to quickly access to show/hide in a group clearly named relevant information. By introducing indicator grouping and customized naming, ATAS can offer a more user-friendly and organized trading environment.

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