RTH/ETH sessions + indicators like internals

Hello, I find ATAS is a really good platform but it could improve a few things really easy, mostly as as a futures platform how is it possible that I can't have one window with RTH and another with ETH? You can actually change the time of a certain product to only see RTH at exchange settings but then you won't be able to see the entire ETH session on any other window, You can also change the settings with an open window to RTH but then you get a huge space with nothing which makes it really unuseful. Will that be change in the future? I think it's something really simple to do and that most of the day traders here will thank you for. 

Then in the future adding indicators like market internals, actually $ADSPD is the one I use, I think a lot of traders use it now to and have to go to other platforms to do so...


In review


💡 Feature Request




12 months ago


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