Quick Stop Loss to Entry (Breakeven)

I've asked support and this is not currently available so was hoping it could be implemented.

My trading style using LTF can sometimes mean I'm catching fast moves to TP1 and then out at entry. I use a multiple TP strategy to maximise profit if the move should breakout further.

However, the problem I face is that moving my SL to entry to breakeven after TP1 can sometimes cause a loss as I'm not fast enough to move it manually.

It would be great if the strategy was updated so that an option was added to allow upon hitting TP1 (using the Multiple SL &TP strategy) the SL would move to breakeven. This would allow for a true set and forget trade strategy.

Failing this a hotkey to shift your SL to entry instantly would also help greatly improve the speed of making this change.




In Progress


πŸ’‘ Feature Request


11 months ago


Charles Hurst

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