Cross-trade instruments using the following manager module

  1. It would be nice to have the option to cross-trade instruments using the copy trade module. For instance, if I long ES in the parent account, the child account will long MES with lot size according to the set ratio in the module. Or, for instance, if I long ES in the parent account, then the child account will short NQ etc.

  2. This one may be impossible to program reliably, but it would be amazing. It would be extremely convenient to have the ability to alternate executions across multiple accounts. For instance, if I want to scale into 10 contracts across 10 accounts instead of concentrating all of that risk into one account. Every time I add contracts on the parent account, it will cycle those executions through each child account. The first contract long will execute in one account, then the next contract gets executed in the next account and so on. When I scale out, it will scale out in each account sequentially. If I add 5 contracts, it will spread those 5 contracts out across 5 accounts.




πŸ’‘ Feature Request


11 months ago



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