June 13th 2024





Version Beta

πŸ“ˆ Platform:

  1. Workspace:

  • automatic backups are now created when saving workspaces. The last 10 copies are stored in the "Backups" folder.

  • saving and loading settings are now independent of the workspace to avoid duplication.

  1. The candle-type selection menu now supports hotkeys. The menu item bindings have been fixed.

  2. You can now view the connection status and speed in the main window's status bar. Connection speed is also displayed on the chart. You can manage the display of connection speeds in the general settings. For example, you can set the speed to fluctuate within specified values before displaying a delay notification.

  1. We have fixed the issue of delays appearing immediately after connecting a chart with the DOM. You can now change the time server in the application settings.

  2. We have fixed the rendering of single prints and all single clusters except for the first and last ones.

  3. The rendering of the PressedCrossHair tooltip has been updated.

  4. The sizes of pop-up panels have been fixed.

  5. Issues with sending messages without parameters have been resolved.

  6. GF API has been updated to version 4.15.503.306.

  7. The previous news module has been renamed to RSS Reader. A new news module called News has been created:


  • the display of trades on the chart has been fixed;

  • now it is possible to save One-click Мode;

  • the black bars at the top and bottom of the scroll element in the chart window have been removed;

  • the menu for customizing the history upload has been updated:

  • an error when a 30-second candle was built in 24 seconds at speed "1" has been corrected;

  • we have fixed an error when an instrument with a high price step switched to one with a low price step (BTCUSDT > DOGEUSDT);

  • the formation of incorrect chart area boundaries has been corrected;

  • intervals between bars when switching charts have been fixed;

  • the rendering of Drawer indicators in ChartView when changing instruments has been fixed;

  • now it is possible to reload the chart in the IsEmptyData state, the placeholder image has been updated.


  • the resource consumption when using the DOM has been reduced.

Chart Trader:

  • an error that occurred when opening the account list has been fixed;

  • an error with setting the incorrect Base Currency has been corrected.


  • the DOM now loads instantly upon reopening instruments rather than being built from incoming data from scratch;

  • Ask and Bid no longer disappear from the DOM after returning from sleep mode;

  • cumulative values in the Ask and Bid columns have been reduced.

✏️ Drawing Objects:

  1. Using the context menu, you can customize multiple selected graphic objects simultaneously.

  1. The offset angle for TrendLine/PriceChannel in panels has been fixed.

  2. The issue with displaying VAH, VAL, and POC profile lines located to the left outside the visible area in TPO mode has been resolved.

  3. Now, it is possible to draw a series over the last bar of the chart.

  4. An error when UDO objects were pinned upon addition has been fixed.

  5. The type’s saving for an array of objects has been corrected.

πŸ“‰ Indicators:

  1. Market Profile:

  • rendering of volume levels has been fixed;

  • rendering of the market profile chart label has been updated: the position of inverted lines and rendering of inverted extended lines have been corrected.

  1. Dom Levels:

  • the right part of the visualization now corresponds to current online data;

  • now, it is possible to display notifications for values above a specified level.

  1. Delta. Notifications for positive and negative values have been separated. Notification properties have been grouped separately.

  1. OrderFlow. The rendering of individual trades has been fixed.

  2. Agreements with third parties for indicators/strategies for the FootprintPatterns indicator/strategy have been implemented.

  3. Rendering of the Chinkou Span line based on the latest values has been optimized.

  4. The AllowConnectorsLatency feature has been added. It enables the latency indicators panel.

  5. An alert for the Swing High and Low indicator has been added.

  6. The opening of the agreement window when searching for indicators has been fixed.

  7. The rendering of VolumeOnChart values has been fixed.

  8. New indicators have been added:Β 

  • Gaps;

  • Linear Regression Channel;

  • Support & Resistance Zones;

  • Order Book Alerts;

  • BionicCandle.

πŸ’Ό Optimization of Trading Operations:

  1. One-click trading has been fixed: now, order confirmation is only shown if there is a strategy warning.

  2. The connector setup for the strategy has been fixed to ensure error-free execution.

  3. Hotfix for order/trade processing (the ADataFeeder8 indicator has been updated).


  • SL/TP levels are now displayed on the chart or next to the position;

  • SL/TP settings are no longer reset after closing a position;

  • errors in placing SL/TP orders have been fixed;

  • order search no longer occurs before the connector is connected;

  • verification of position closing immediately after order placement has been fixed;

  • user action is now awaited when there are errors in placing SL/TP orders;

  • now, it is possible to change TIF ("Time in force" - order lifetime: GTC, DAY, etc) in the SL/TP settings;

  • canceling orders in the Chart Trader no longer disables SL/TP when closing a position using the Close button;

  • when editing SL/TP, the first available Time in Force for the instrument is set by default.


  • the placement of OCO orders on the chart has been fixed;

  • we have corrected the processing of orders/trades from NT when they have an OCO group with the '|' symbol.

Following Manager:

  • we have resolved the issue of positions not being copied through the Following Manager;

  • the problem with Reduce-Only orders has been fixed;

  • the issue with Bybit market orders has been resolved;

  • orders no longer duplicate when copying in Orders mode;

  • we have fixed the issue of multiple position copying when the follower's position was only joined after the provider's position was opened;

  • the loading of the copy group list has been fixed;

  • positions no longer get closed by double-clicking.

πŸ”— Connectors:

  1. A new Tai-Pan connector has been added.

  1. Timezone values for American Tai-Pan instruments have been corrected.

  2. Binance:

  • the calculations for spot order costs and maximum order values have been fixed;

  • the process of managing portfolios of spot cross instruments has been fixed.

  1. Bybit:

  • the Bybit Mainnet demo account has been implemented;

  • the synchronization of properties in the old connector version has been fixed;

  • the processing of stop order volumes has been fixed.

  1. Buttons with referral links have been added for Binance and Bybit connectors.

  2. dxFeed:

  • the transition to a new server infrastructure has been completed;

  • incorrect price values on axes have been corrected;

  • the option to change the scale and display of clusters has been removed for the non-time-based candle series;

  • an error with an incorrect folder name for some dxFeed instruments has been fixed.

  1. IB. Reconnection of the connector has been fixed.

  2. The Rithmic API has been updated to version; extended logging has been added for the debug level.

  3. Currency conversion after connecting crypto connectors has been fixed.

  4. All connectors now have a customizable Display Name property.