May 16th 2024





Version Beta

πŸ“ˆ Platform:

  1. The .NET platform has been updated to version 8

  2. The installation process of the platform has been simplified

  3. The statistics window has been completely redesigned

  4. Settings can now be saved and loaded independently of the workspace to avoid duplication

  5. A reload data button has been added when data is missing on the chart

  6. Cumulative values in Ask and Bid in SmartDom are now truncated

  7. The loading of float panel sizes has been fixed

  8. You can now draw a series over the last bar of the chart

  9. Incorrect price values on the axes have been corrected

  10. The rendering of the price channel in DOM Trader has been fixed

  11. Direct2D. Closing a chart linked to another no longer disrupts the rendering of adjacent charts

  12. When starting the platform as an unregistered user, the "Forgot your password?" button now changes to "Registration"

  13. Improvements have been made to the saving of workspace objects, and rendering errors have been fixed

  14. The rendering of charts with panels has been fixed

  15. A hotfix has been added, limiting the price step to four decimal places

  16. Time parsing for trades has been fixed
    The issue with switching the color scheme of DomTrader to the default has been fixed

  17. The obfuscation settings of projects have been changed so that obfuscation does not affect types involved in serialization

  18. A panel displaying active connections and their respective data delays has been added to the bottom of the main window

  19. A statistics notification for order changes has been added

  20. The bug with Uid determination has been fixed

  21. DomTrader. Color scheme settings no longer disappear when shrinked

  22. The issue of charts freezing when the system wakes up from sleep mode in Direct2D rendering has been resolved

  23. Workspaces now automatically create backup copies with each save if changes are made (up to 10 versions)

✏️ Drawing Tools:

  1. Fixed rendering of the rectangular objects panel.

  2. Fixed an issue with placing a trend line on the panel.

  3. Updated the scroll button design of the ruler object. The measurement object has been removed from the object list.

  4. For the horizontal line in the OnNewTicks method, added a check for ChartCore and ChartCore.Candles objects before processing ticks.

  5. Added a null check for core and core.Coordinates objects before rendering.

  6. Fixed global object errors when closing a chart.

▢️ Market Replay:

  1. Fixed an issue where at x1 speed a 30-second candle was built in 24 seconds.

  2. The Replay connector has been added to statistics processing.

πŸ“‰ Indicators:

  1. New indicators: Gaps, Linear Regression Channel.

  2. New indicator: Support & Resistance Zones indicator.

  3. New indicator: Order book alerts.

  4. New indicator: BionicCandle.

  5. Fixed line offset in the Ichimoku indicator.

  6. Swing High and Low indicator: added the ability to set an alert and specify the color.

  7. Fixed an issue with displaying VAH, VAL, and POC profile lines located to the left outside the visible area in TPO mode.

  8. Fixed calculation issues for TPO outside the chart.

  9. Fixed rendering issues of the Adaptive Big Trades indicator when loading a chart.

  10. Fixed line rendering of Stacked Imbalance (DOM Trader issue).

  11. Fixed DailyLines calculation on the weekly chart.

  12. Fixed indicator settings initialization.

  13. Added a method to the indicators API: ChartInfo.GetPriceString(decimal price), which returns the formatted price value depending on the instrument type.

  14. TPO and Profile indicator: fixed an issue with merging profiles with configured periods.

πŸ’Ό Trading Operations Optimization:

  1. Fixed an issue with displaying VAH, VAL, and POC profile lines located to the left outside the visible area in TPO mode.

  2. DomLevels: Added the ability to display notifications for values above a set threshold.

  3. Updated SL/TP order design on the chart. SL/TP now display on the chart or next to the position.

  4. Fixed MarketProfile merging when saving in the workspace.

  5. The Equity section in Statistics now accounts for time zones.

  6. Fixed an issue that caused a crash after repeatedly stopping the WebSocket (bots).

  7. The Rithmic connector library has been updated to version, added an additional logging mode for debugging issues.

πŸ”— Connectors and Tools:

  1. Updated the list of supported US stocks.

  2. Implemented a 1 to 100 split for GMKN and TRNFP.

  3. Fixed time synchronization when connecting to the Binance connector.

  4. Fixed issues with connecting to Bitget.

  5. New connector: Tai-pan.

  6. IB: Fixed instrument search.

  7. BitMEX: Updated REST request signature API, fixed market order placement.

  8. Bybit update:

    • Auto-scaling on Bybit Spot is enabled by default.

    • Fixed market data reconnection (ticker subscription fix).

    • Handling "no error" state when executing orders.

    • Fixed issues with placing stop/market orders, volume conversion.

  9. dxFeed update:

  • Hidden cluster display for non-time-based candle series.

  • Migrated to new server infrastructure.

  • Removed the ability to scale non-time-based candle series.